10 exercise or yoga poses to lose weight or melt away belly fat

Yoga to lose weight

If you have lived the majority of your life overweight, you have most likely tried countless weight loss programs, weight-loss diets, and a healthy dose of drugs and pills to boot.

Yoga to lose weight
yoga has become increasingly popular as a strategy for shedding weight. 

It is a variation of traditional yoga and involves vigorous exercises that help to build cardiovascular health.

 It is widely accepted that yoga offers numerous advantages for health

It helps to tone the body, relieve tension from the muscles, enhance respiratory functioning, and alleviate stress and anxiety. 

But does yoga make you lose weight?
Yoga to lose weight

Traditional forms of yoga have many health benefits and if practiced on a regular basis can also help in weight loss. 

Many people practice hatha yoga weight loss exercises. 

This is essentially the regular mat yoga which combines physical postures and breathing

Then there are also Bikram yoga weight loss postures which are more structured and specific than hatha yoga

Due to the intensity of power yoga, there is a higher level of fat burning while performing the exercises.

This ensures that the body receives sufficient oxygen to exercise properly.

 Power yoga causes the muscles to heat up due to the vigorous nature of the poses. 

This elevation in body temperature leads to a loss of calories.

Power yoga involves warm-up and cool-down sessions. 

This is necessary in order to prevent injury. Power yoga, much like other forms of yoga, contributes to a relaxed state after the session.

 This is on account of the deep breathing and muscle stretches. 

Therefore it is advisable to avoid any high energy activities after a workout. 

This will allow you to obtain maximum benefit from the exercise.

Power yoga can be performed by individuals of any fitness level.

 You may begin at your present level of fitness and take the time to perfect each sequence before you can progress to the next stage. 

Weight loss occurs with a combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet. 

Hence it is essential to also follow a balanced and nutritious diet.

Weight Loss Tips

 Before you start any exercise or weight loss program, you must consult your doctor.

 Good health achievement is the first point you should focus on when you start to lose weight.

This begins with your good cooking and healthy eating.

 Avoid having one or two big meals. Let’s get two times of snacks and three mini-meals every day instead of.

 Instead of salt to taste, do use spices and herbs for your favorite foods.

 When you are cooking with a fry or stir method, do avoid using oil.

 Avoid adding the yolks into your foods as much as possible you can.

10 exercise of yoga to lose weight-

Yoga to lose weight

Bow (Dhanurasana)

The first thing is to lie down on your stomach and check you're pelvic

 you have to bring your pelvic into the neutral position first or you can take the tailbone down 

 bend the booth knees and  bring your hand back and hold the ankle joint 

 first, your knee should not go out of the line with the hips, knee, and hip they stay in one line

 now active your toes like arches must be active and push the feedback  back as much as you can and lift the heart up and look up slightly they stay easy

 but you have to be aware you're not pushing too much yourself into this pose and if you feel any tension around your lower back, just slightly come down don't do it over 

 your thigh muscle must press into the ground and in some poses, people take the thighs up you can take it up if your spine is healthy

 if there is any problem in the lumbar spine or back pain I will say bring your thighs down, pelvic control and lift the heart up to give that mild extension to your spine so you can take care of your back. 

Twisted Chair (Parivrtta Utkatasana)

 Feet together, knees together, its that's how you work in your Utkatasana

 Don't have the feet hip-distance and the knees together. So pick one or the other. If you can, get the feet and knees together.

 Sit back low, get the weight in the heels. Like with the chair, you know, arms can be shoulder distance or hands together. Hands come to the heart as we set up to twist.

 Hook the elbow way outside and watch that that outer knee doesn't shift forward. 

So try to keep the knees parallel. Keep the weight in the heels. Drop your butt, and then lengthen your heart forward and up, lean back, and twist. If you can, you split the arms. Take the bottom arm down, take that top arm up.

Bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Bend both the knees while lying on the back. Setu Band. Bridge. Touching your ankle, raise your waist upwards.

 Breathe in deeply. Come up. 

This exercise is very effective for lower back pain. It cures hip joints pain. Pull upwards. Breathe out and come down. Now raise one leg as much as you can. Bring it back

.Do the same with another leg. Bring it back. Rest.

Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)

For Supported Shoulder Stand or Salamba Sarvangasana, lie down onto your back, and hug your knees in toward your chest.

 Once you get there, plant your hands flat down next to your hips. As you straighten your legs straight up, push down through your hands to lift your hips up, bringing your legs over your head. 

Once the toes touch the ground, work from shoulder to shoulder to rise up high on your shoulder tips. Take the palms of your hands as high as you can on the bottom part of your back ribs.

 Squeeze your elbows in, and make sure that your elbows are no wider than your shoulders. Lengthen your neck and don't turn your head from side to side at all in this position.

 From here, lift one leg up and then the other. Lengthen from the elbows all the way up through the tips of your toes as you point them. Squeeze your feet together, firm the inner thighs in, and draw your navel and ribs in.

Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

turn the toes under and press the hips high to the sky into a downward-facing dog. This is as much like an upside-down V so that the heels are pressing towards the floor but at the same time we are lifting up out of the ankles so we don't want to find that collapsing.

 Lift the thigh long towards the back wall, and you get a nice stretch through the shoulders From this downwards facing dog 

taking the hips and evening them out with the shoulders. You might need to shift the weight back a little bit and then on your exhale lift the hips and come back into downward facing dog.

 We will repeat that four times, inhaling into a high plank position, shoulders steady, natural relaxation of the heart-melting towards the floor, keep the hips high, exhale back in a downward-facing dog.

 inhale, high plank, easy. Exhale downward facing dog. Bring the knees to the floor inhale. After you have done four complete rounds press the hips back in a child's pose and take a needed rest.

Triangle (Trikonasana)

 To begin, step your feet about three to four feet apart, turn your right foot out, make sure your right heel is aligned with your left heel.

 Lift your chest, drop your shoulders, with a breath in, reach your arms up shoulders length and then as your breath outlook over your right middle finger, reach up and over your right leg so your left hip goes out and then as you take an inhale, lengthen over a little bit more, as you exhale take your right hand onto your right leg and just let it slide down as far as you can.

 When you're ready, with an inhale roll your chest up toward the ceiling, send your gaze to your left middle finger, your left hip lifts up, so you're opening your hip here.

 If you have any neck issues you can always look down at your right foot. Always be mindful that the right side of your body is in line with your right thigh. 

Hold for about five breaths, when you're ready to come out of it, look down at your right foot, and then as you breathe in come all the way up, turn your right foot in and step to the center.

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana B)

 friends before you get into the practice safety first so in fact if you have any recent or chronic injury to the hips knee or shoulders just avoid this so listen to your body when you practice your body gives a lot of messages

 when you actually get into the practice so before getting into the practice you need to prepare yourself by doing a triangle pose a tree

 these are some of the postures that you need to create a little bit of warm-up when you want to get into a warrior 2 position

 it improves once again blood circulation and it energizes the whole body 

 Warrior III (Virabhadrasana C)

 this is a great pose to improve your balance your coordination also strengthen your abdominals Your leg muscles and your back muscles

 bring your arms out in front Of you reaching forward on either side of your head as you remain in warrior three keep the hip of your raised leg even with the hip of your standing leg keep both legs active and Parallel to one another by keeping the toes of your standing leg pointing Forward and on the leg that is raised keep your toes pointed down and your heel pointed up

 Apart from your standing leg, you'll want to keep your body in one straight line all the way from the crown of your head Down to your heel have energy in your arms reaching forward and keep your palms facing each other Balancing in this pose can be tricky

so if you fall out of the balance just come right back to it It's all about the practice to come out of this pose with control bend your knee setting your back foot down onto the ground back through Warrior 1 Straighten your leg and release your arms down

 repeat this pose on the other side to keep your body even


Planks are fun, the first thing you gonna do is get your body on the ground. And usually, you wanna do this with some sort of stopwatch so you can see how long you're doing the plank for 

 What you're gonna do is put your arms on the ground 

 put your hands together and the reason why it's called a plank is that you're gonna have your body as straight as a plank during the whole exercise.

 So what you're gonna do is 

 Put your legs out straight like this, get your body straight. Make sure your butt's not in the air, make sure your butt's not hanging down 

 Keep your body tight. 

 It'll start to burn after about a minute, a minute and a half, and if you can get the four minutes five minutes that is absolutely amazing. 

Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara)

it helps to boost your metabolism, tone your body also

it stretches your body muscles and helps to circulate flow blood in your body more efficiently and it creates internal heat energy which helps to trim your waist and body fat

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