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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Muscle Gain Workout Plan Pdf

 Muscle Gain Workout Plan Pdf

These muscle gain workout plan  Bound To Make An Impact and help you to get you desired muscular or bulked up or shape body.

in this article, we covered all the necessary and demanding

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Muscle Gain Workout Plan Pdf

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 Before we start to let you remind in this some key points focus on those too for effective results

Points to remember-

Muscle Gain Workout Plan Pdf

Work every part just one occasion every week

There are some, a genetically gifted few, who can work their chest every session and still increase their bench press each time.

These are the same people who can eat as little or as often as they like and still build considerable muscle mass.

However, the majority if us should focus on training each body part intensely just one session a week.

Remember that muscle is formed when you rest between sessions.

A well-executed weight training program will work for each muscle group in isolation intensely enough that it requires a full week to recover and adapt.

A weight training program designed to gain muscle mass is built around a few compound exercises.

Exercise like squats, bench press, deadlifts all work for the major muscle groups and require the recruitment of muscle groups for correct execution.

Keep rest period short

recommends keeping rest periods between sets to 60-90 seconds for building muscle.

longer rest periods of 3 minutes are more suitable for lifters training for maximum strength.

Excluding warm-up and cool down try to limit your weight training program workouts to 45 minutes.

After this time testosterone levels begin to drop rapidly and also you will have a large percentage of your carbohydrate stores.

After these are depleted your body has no option but to start using a greater percentage of fat and protein.

Of these two substrates replenish energy at the same rate carbohydrate, which is why most people begin to waiver after 45 minutes of intense training.

Movement workouts vs machines

There are no studies I know of that suggest free weights are more efficient at developing muscle mass than machines.

However, the weight training programs below are based around free weights because from a functional standpoint they are far superior…

Exercises using dumbbells and barbells recruit muscle groups other than those you are working.

These muscle groups act to stabilize the body and fixate joints so a movement can be executed correctly.

Machines negate the requirement of stabilizer and synergist muscle groups.

So in effect, you are developing some muscle groups and not others, which over time, can only increase your chance of injury and poor posture.

Periodization Versus Progression

Periodization is simply the science of splitting a weight training program (or any type of exercise program) into blocks or cycles.

The traditional way to weight train is progressive

you adapt to the load so you increase the weight, you then adapt to that new load so you increase the weight again.

With periodization, you would break the weight training program up firstly into macrocycles.

For our purposes, let's call a macrocycle 12 weeks of training.

Within those 12 weeks, the intensity and volume would vary.

So you would start off with few reps and sets at the start, building to a peak by week 6 and then tailing towards week 12.

You can put the same macrocycle back to back interspersed with a week of complete rest or better still you can combine different macrocycles.

Now for the workout programs here-

Muscle Gain Workout Plan Pdf

I m going to give you not 1, not 2 total of 3 Muscle Gain Workout Plan.

These 3 weight training programs are tried and trusted bodybuilding routines. 

They all have their advantages, just choose the one that appeals to you most.

 If you are naturally thin and find it hard to gain weight then program #3 is the best…

Weight Training Program #1 -

Three Day Alternating Routine

This is one of the best weight training programs if you're pushed for time during the week. Alternate the 2 sessions over any 3 days and try to leave days to rest in between workouts. In effect, you're doing each session 3 times every fortnight.

For each exercise complete 3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions.

 Choose a weight that allows you to perform a maximum of 8-10 reps. 

When you can do more than 10 reps increase the weight next session. Warm-up thoroughly before starting any weight training session.

Session 1 (Chest, Back, Triceps, Abs)

· Bench press

· Incline bench press

· Lat pull Downs (wide grip)

· Seated pulley row

· Triceps push down

· French press

· Crunches

· Decline sit-ups

Session 2 (Legs, Shoulders, Biceps, Calves)

· Leg press

· Leg curls

· Seated shoulder press

· Lateral (side) raises

· Barbell curl (EZ barbell)

· Hammer curls

· Standing calf raise

· Seated calf raise

· Lateral (side) raises

· Barbell curl (EZ barbell)

· Hammer curls

· Standing calf raise

· Seated calf raise

Weight Training Program #2 -

Four Day Split Routine

This is one of the classic muscle building weight training programs. It works for all the major muscle groups twice per week.

 Many strength and conditioning experts now believe weight training programs that work for each muscle group just once per week are adequate... even preferable.

For each exercise complete 3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions.

 Choose a weight that allows you to perform a maximum of 8-10 reps.

 When you can do more than 10 reps increase the weight next session. Warm-up thoroughly before starting any weight training session.

Monday - Session 1 (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, abs)

· Dumbell press

· Incline dumbbell flies

· Seated dumbbell press

· Lateral raises

· Overhead dumbbell extensions

· Narrow bench press

· Abdominal machine

· Bent knee crunches

Tuesday - Session 2 (Legs, Back, Biceps, calves)

· Barbell Squats

· Dumbell lunges

· Lat pull down (narrow reverse grip)

· Bent over dumbbell row

· Seated dumbbell curls

· Preacher curls

· Lying calf press

· Seated calf raise 

Thursday - Repeat session 1
Friday - Repeat session 2

Weight Training Program #3 -

Three Day Isolation Routine

This is one of the most common weight training programs used by bodybuilders. Each muscle group is worked once (intensively) per week.

 This is my preferred choice for naturally slim people trying to gain weight. 

For each exercise complete 3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions.

 Choose a weight that allows you to perform a maximum of 8-10 reps. 

When you can do more than 10 reps increase the weight next session. Warm-up thoroughly before starting any weight training session. 

Monday - Chest, Biceps, Abs

· Flat bench press or dumbbell press

· Incline dumbbell flyes

· Barbell curls (EZ barbell)

· Hammer curls

· Ab weight machine

· Decline crunches 


Wednesday – Back, Legs

· Lat pull down (wide grip)

· Bent over barbell row or single arm dumbbell row

· Squats or leg press

· Lying leg curls

· Leg extensions

· Standing calf raise


Friday - Shoulders, Traps, Triceps

· Seated overhead dumbbell press

· Lateral raises

· Upright row

· Dumbbell shrugs

· Triceps pushdown

· French press or dips

These 3 weight training programs are all excellent for building muscle mass.

 If your goal is to gain weight then start with program number 3. 


And here is the pdf as I promised you can download it here-

          👉👉 Click here to Download👈👈


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