Jbl Partybox300 Vs Sony XB90 who Rules in the sound and music area

jbl partybox200 vs Sony XB90

hello friends in this article we gonna see the differences in jbl partybox300 vs Sony XB90

which one should you buy?

so let's get started

first, let's talk about  JBL party box 300

Overview of JBL party box 300-

 you want something like a solid speaker to keep up the vibes then this is the thing you need in your life or even if you're not into so much of parties like myself...

 But you are in an everyday music listening person even then you can consider the speaker.

 The JBL PartyBox 300 is a beast of a speaker…it's battery-powered and it has a really good looking built-in light feature.

which you can easily put into your living room or bedroom.

 Although the speaker is a bit big with dimensions of 310 millimeters by 320 millimeters by 690-millimeter 

 With an extra weight of 15 kilograms. Now the front of the speaker has a dual 6.5-inch woofer and 3 X 2.25-inch tweeters. 

 they're also preset to change this lighting effect, and if you want to keep it low profile then you can also turn these effects off with a touch of a button Also with the speaker JBL found a really cool way to display the volume.

 Other than lighting effects, party box 300 has an outstanding design. The device feels very rugged and it feels safe to move the speaker around the house. 

Features of JBL party box 300-

Now the speaker does come with rubber feet on three sides so you can put it any side you want.

 We also get all the buttons on the top to control the speaker which includes a standard power button, volume up, and volume down, play/pause, lighting effect button, and a bass boost button.

 Now just like any other Bluetooth speaker, you can connect this to your phone via Bluetooth or you can take a look at the back and see all the inputs and the outputs of this device.

 So here you can connect the DC input, USB input and output Aux input, left/right channel switch, 100 to 240 volts power cord input, RCA input and output, and 1/4 inch mic and guitar input with gain controls.

 So because we have so many inputs and outputs, there are so many ways you can connect this speaker to.

 You can connect via Bluetooth, RCA, aux USB, and you can also connect your guitar and mic and go karaoke with this

 Other than that if you want to take full advantage of the speaker, you can also connect 2 Part boxes together Bluetooth or the RCA cable and enjoy the full stereo experience.

 Now as mentioned earlier, the JBL party box 300 does comes to the built-in battery of 10,400 mAh which takes roughly around five hours to charge fully, and after a full charge, it will give a playtime of 18 hours. 

This is a great feature if you want to take this on a trip in your SUV or anywhere. Speaking of SUVs, you can also install this included cable permanently into your car and use the speaker in your trunk. 

One thing I did notice was when you are using this one battery and DC power, there is a slight drop in sound levels but even on batteries, the speaker is so loud that you have to turn down the volume anyway.

 Now speaking of sound quality which is an essential part of any audio device, then party box 300  are great sounding speakers. 

They produce an excellent frequency response of 45 hertz to 20 kilohertz or in layman's language you can say this speaker performs well in producing sound, the high frequencies are clear mids are good and the bass is very rich. and if we turn on the bass boost, it will shake your walls off.
jbl partybox200 vs Sony XB90

 The speaker is also excellent in clarity and at any point, I didn't felt like it was getting muddy at all. And for the loudness, the speaker has a 120-watt RMS output which is exceptionally loud. 

The speaker is so loud that you will hardly hit the max volume. I'm using my Yamaha HS5which are 45 Watt each and I rarely go beyond 30% of volume.

 Now to give you a bit of a perspective this is the sound comparison between my Yamaha HS5 with subwoofer and the JBL party box.

 Do keep in mind that there are a lot of factors involved in this recording like mics, acoustic and this won't be a100% accurate representation of the sound.

 Note- for a better experience, you should check them out personally in the store.

Overview of Sony XB90

Sony does a really good job of having a really clear wireless Audio Connection on both their speakers and headphones. 

So personally I don’t really need an Audiojack on the XB90 but I know for some certain users it might be a must-have. 

When it comes to Tech specs, both the Sony XB90 are using Bluetooth 4.2 and can be paired up to 3 devices at the same time.

 And you’ve got a wireless range of around40 feet with a direct line of sight on either of them. And they also do a really good job of keeping a solid connection through multiple walls.

Features of  Sony XB90

Concerning battery life, Sony claims the XB90is good for 16 hours of playback time. And technically that is true if you use the speaker at a low volume and with the light feature turned off.

 But the real-world battery life on the Sony XB90with the volume at a moderate volume and with the light feature turned on I’ve averaged about 9 hours of playback time. 

 But if you play music on the XB90 at full-volume you’ll get about 4 hours of playback time at full volume.

 So if you take these speakers somewhere remember to pack your power cord. 

New to the Sony XB90 is stamina mode and basically what it does is that it reduces the output of the speakers.

 So there won't be as much bass, they won't get as loud, and the sound isn’t as crisp. but you’ll be able to squeeze out about two more hours of playback time.

You can also use Sony’s first able app to customize the light feature after you’ve selected a light mode.

On the back of both speakers, you’ll find RCA ports so you can daisy chain more speakers together, a USB port, and mic input.

 Through the USB port, you can charge your own phone and play MP3, WMA, and WAV files off of most devices.

 But you cant play music through the USB port when using Apple devices so you’re stuck with only a Bluetooth connection.

Pricing of JBL party box 300 vs JBL party box 300-

 So that was all the sound testing and now if you talk about the price for a second that JBL party box 300 is priced at 449$dollars or 33,000 rupees. 

whereas Sony XB90 cost you USB port 349$dollars or 26435rupees.


the sony price will cost you less 

 Sony XB90 its good for hosting parties regularly. 

Although it does have a built-in battery don’texpect it to last the whole length of your get together especially if you’ve got it set at max volume.

but if you have budget I strongly recommend for you to go for JBL party box 300 

I think it's a great speaker for all occasions, blasting parties, everyday music listening great speaker for a trunk. or anything that requires spice up a piece of music.

Other options-

so here's the are some suggestions for you to buy the best ever  Bluetooth speakers: For all your portable and home audio needs-

  1. JBL party box 300.[449$dollars] 
  2. UE Boom 3. Simply the best cordless speaker.[ Priced at $210.84 ] 
  3. JBL Charge 3. A near-perfect balance between sound, features, and price. ...[ $ 131.81 ] 
  4. Bose SoundLink Mini II. Slightly dated, but still one of the best sounding wireless speakers.[$213.55]
  5. UE Wonderboom. ...[  $99 ] 
  6. JBL Flip 4. ...[ $ 92.26 ] 
  7. boAt Stone 1000.[ $37.54]

these are all the best Bluetooth speakers from low budget to high you ever got.but if you have some budget and you really wanna some high tech then I personally recommend  JBL party box 300 

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