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Yoga Poses For Beginners Doesn't Have To Be Hard

  yoga poses for beginners

yoga poses for beginners

Welcome to yoga poses for beginners

Dear Friends:

Are you planning on getting in shape/fit or becoming more in tune with your mind and emotions or simply want to?  If so, pay attention!

Yoga provides solutions for you and finally, there is a simple to follow program that anyone can use from beginners to advanced.


Does it burn fat?

Yes. It is performed at an aerobic level which utilizes oxygen and large muscle groups to burn fat.

 (As opposed to anaerobic which leads to shortness of breath and burnt sugar.)

benefits of yoga poses for beginners

•    Promotes flexibility and strength.

•    Promotes peace, joy, and emotional balance.

•    Improves healths

•    Helps increase metabolism, muscle tone, and assists in weight loss.

•    Builds mental focus and concentration.

•    Reduces stress and anxiety.

•    Helps develop confidence and willpower.

yoga positions and poses for beginners

This is perhaps the best-known aspect of yoga and the most widely practiced. 

 These are the yoga poses and movements that are typically practiced in yoga classes worldwide.

  If you are a beginner and new to yoga you may certainly be intimidated by some of the poses you see being advertised

 but have no fear, there are plenty of  yoga poses that are perfect for beginners and many of the advanced poses have modifications that 

starters can easily do.

Archer yoga pose

Archer yoga pose is not just a great pose for beginners, it is a great pose for everyone to practice.

  You can do this pose with normal breathing and if you want more energy, then do this pose using long deep breathing.

As you can see from the illustration above, most of the weight is on your front leg and your eyes are openly focused on a point in front of you.

  After you do one side for 1 minute, switch sides and continue.

NOTE-  One thing you should always remember as a beginner is to not overstrain. 

 You should try to walk the middle path when you practice yoga. 

 Not having it be too easy, while at the same time not overdoing it. 

 So if 1 minute is too much, just start with 15 seconds per side and build up slowly over time.

yoga stretch pose

there are various yoga stretch poses for beginners you can see them
for beginners

 Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, developing your core strength should always be a priority, and accomplishing this Yoga Stretch Pose is ideal.

these poses that a yoga beginner should learn and practice and that is because along with building your core and giving you energy

 the practice of this pose builds your character and willpower.  

This strength of character then allows you to establish a long-term consistent practice, which is key to reaping the full benefits of yoga.

Yoga Balancing Pose

Basic Yoga Balancing Pose is ideal for beginners and in addition to helping you develop your balance, the pose will also help you strengthen your arms, shoulders, and legs.

Do one side for 1 minute, then switch and do the other side. 

 Do the pose for a longer or shorter time depending on your level of expertise.  To help you with your balance keep your eyes open and stare at a point that holding the pose.

The breathing to be done while practicing this pose is long deep breathing and with every long inhalation feel yourself stretching and getting longer.

For more yoga workout such as yoga to lose weight, you can see here-


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